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Another Type of Luxury Loft

posted by: rondaross in Ronda Recommends

“Soft Lofts” are all the Rage!

If you’ve read my post on Houston’s historic warehouse-type lofts, you may be wondering if there is an alternative. For buyers who want the ambiance of a vintage loft but favor newer construction, the perfect home might be a “soft loft.”

Soft Lofts

You might say that soft lofts are built to mirror a turn of the century aesthetic. They provide a more contemporary take on a historic lofts with modern decor and floor plans. Like their vintage cousins (hard lofts), they often include design elements such as exposed ductwork, brick walls, soaring ceilings and open spaces. But most are relatively new with modern upgrades, such as granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors and impressive insulated or double-paned windows. In other words, the industrial cosmopolitian “feel” is present… but without the traditional antiquity.

Fine Urban Living

For anyone who craves the urban living experience, soft lofts are prime real estate. it is impossible to overemphasize how popular these homes are! The location and amenities put owners in close proximity to the arts, plenty of entertainment and fine dining, shopping galore and convenient access to work. For an urban dweller who demands something novel, they really are ideal.

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