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Putting the “Home” in Townhomes

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An Emphasis on “Home Sweet Home”

If you prefer the sensibility of a single family home, but without the robust obligations, upkeep and price tag, then a townhome is the ideal solution for individuals, couples and families.

Townhomes for your Lifestyle

Quaint, rustic, or ultra modern, buyers can pick and choose a townhome according to their lifestyle and personal needs. Some townhouses bring to mind the carefree “feel” of condo living, but are similar to patio homes. They share a common wall, yet benefit those who wish to own a piece of land. Yes, ownership includes the exterior and interior space of the structure. So if a small yard is important for your pets, or you want outdoor space for your kiddos, or you enjoy gardening… then a townhome may be the perfect dwelling for you!

Location, Location, Location!

You may prefer Rice Military, Midtown, Montrose or the Houston Heights. Or you may seek something closer to the outskirts of Houston. Perhaps schools are a deciding factor, or access to major freeways. The selections are incredible throughout Houston within a wide array of neighborhoods and urban settings — or even suburban — settings.

The bottom line is that space and the traditional comforts of home are evident in townhomes… and generally come with lower maintenance and HOA fees.

Contact me if you’d like to know more about the townhome lifestyle!

Also, explore all your options, including condos and lofts!

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