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Spice up Your Home on a Budget for the New Year!!!

New Year, New You… so why not include your home in your 2015 resolution to make changes. If you are like most people that means you are on a budget from the Holidays. I like to make qiuck and easy budget friendly changes to my home annually in order to keep it fresh. Here are some of my tips and tricks that will get people talking!

Install new Blinds – Still have the old vinyl blinds? Replace them with 2″ wood blinds for a cleaner more updated look that can really spruce up a room and also help provide better natural light.

Edison Light Bulb

Edison Light Bulb

Change your bulbs – For a cleaner more natural look replace all the bulbs that give off a yellow undertone for clear or white light. If you are really daring and would like a sexy update change bulbs that are you can see such as Pendent lights or chandelier to the Edison Bulbs. They are all the rage now!

Repaint your Walls and Trim – Are you walls full of scratches and scuffs? Are you tired of the same color or feel like a room is starting to get gloomy. These are all signs that you need bring on the paint. It only takes one weekend, great music and a friend or two that is willing to help you. Don’t forget to apply a much needed coat to your trim. For some reason it is always left behind.

Install new Switch Plate Covers – You will be shocked what a crisp new plate will do to a room. The old cover that is yellowing and full of stains from years of use is ready to retire. Something that I always recommend is buying (Size from home Depot) It is a simple $1 to $2 detail that goes a long way.

Install Crown Molding –  Ever walk into a room and think “Man it looks like a Million bucks”? I have a feeling there was crown molding. It is a detail that most people skip but it just makes the room look that much more elegant and finished. This one goes a long way and I highly recommend it in all common areas and the master suite.

Coffee Table Books with a Simple Flower Arrangement

Coffee Table Books with a Simple Flower Arrangement

Update your Plumbing Hardware – Plastic knobs have got to GO!!! Bring on the chromo or brushed nickel and other metal looks.

Replace your Lamp Shades – Keep the lamp just update the room with a new lamp shade. This is my favorite secret because you will never your new lamps anywhere else. I am all about making sure that my space looks like my space and not someone else’s.

Update those Coffee Table Books – I am sure your friends are tired of those coffee books as much as you are. Plus it is a great conversation piece for those that are new to your home. Grab a travel, art, or architecture book with lots of vibrant photos.

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