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“Farewell Sorrel”

Sorrel Food Ronda Ross Realty

Did any of you have had the luxury of dining or enjoying some fabulous cocktails at Sorrel Urban Bistro? It was my go-to place for friends, clients or when I just needed the perfect cocktail either to end the perfect day or make me forget out the worst day. One of Houston’s original farm-to-table restaurants, it was a blessed with great staff, delicious food and a perfect location; I can’t think of anything to complain about. The owners recently received an offer for the location that they could not refuse and decided to focus on their pizza places in and around Houston.

Sorrel was my husband and my first dinner and cocktail pairing event that we attended in Houston and definitely our favorite to date. They always say that if a song has three different versions that you always like the first version that you hear.  In this case, I think we liked their dinner and cocktail pairing because of the comradery with the bartender, chefs and liquor representatives and some owners as well. The number of friends we made here organically I have not experienced anywhere else.
sorrel Cocktail1
Sorrel’s menu – new each day – was always a delight.  I was impossible to have a favorite dish because you rarely saw the same thing twice. What they delivered though was always fresh, different, beautifully presented and delicious.

I want to give a shout out to Paul our favorite bartender mixologist in Houston. Where ever you go we will be there and I know many others that will follow as well. I look forward to see what Ray and his group have in store for us next in the food scene.

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