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5 Unexpected Cost When Buying a Home


Unless you are building your home I am pretty sure that there some things about your new home that you will want to change. WRITE THEM DOWN!!! As any of my past and current clients will tell you, I give them homework. I have them create a list of projects they would like to do around their new house and prioritize them. Depending on their budget I have them prioritize based on both cost and also on what can be or needs to be done prior to moving in.

The most common update I see is flooring. I always suggest that, if you can, get that changed before moving in. It is much easier to pull out carpet and replace with the flooring of your choice without having to move furniture around. Also the amount of dust these projects create would affect anyone’s allergies. Some items such as lighting fixtures can be done after you move in as time and money allows.

Moving Cost

Deposits and installation fees for electric, cable, water and gas can easily be forgotten in the excitement of your new home. In some cases these items can be avoided if your current provider services your new home too but, if not, you will be paying to break your current contract and again to start another.

Also, boxes and tape will be your life for the next couple of weeks or even months. All those items cost money whether you hire someone to pack for you or not. I like to help my clients save money where they can so I always ask them to see who of their friends might have extra supplies (social media works great for this). Reusing someone’s boxes is not only good for the environment but also great on the wallet.

Whether you are moving into a larger space or a new space we all are guilty of purchasing new pieces of furniture. This is a cost that most people are excited about until they go out and start pricing those wanted new pieces. Price out these items to see what cushion you might need to put in your budget.

I also recommend, if you like a piece that is overly expensive, that you take a picture and research for a similar piece at a better price. I don’t know about you but I would rather have two new pieces than one!


Whether you hire someone or buy the equipment and do it yourself this is an additional expense. Don’t forget about the flowers, mulch, water usage, pest control and covering for delicate plants during those harsh winter months.


Things happen on every house. So it is always recommended to have a fund for unexpected items that might come up that are not covered by your home warranty or – annoyingly –stop working once their warranty is up.

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