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Are you Playing Everywhere?


Anna Kauppila Morris Founder of We Play Everywhere Photographed onto of the City!!!

Anna Kauppila Morris Founder of We Play Everywhere

Anna Kauppila Morris is the Founder of “We Play Everywhere” and let me tell you she is playing EVERYWHERE. She lived in New York and was stomping the pavement as a pharmaceutical sales representative where she had it all but noticed that she was missing something.  She didn’t have work life balance and decided to take a break and explore yoga.

Once she moved from New York to Houston she found it difficult to authentically connect with people since we spend the majority of our life in the car. Through the self expression and leadership program at Landmark World Wide she created and launched… “We Play Everywhere” . The concept of the group is to bring like-minded people together from different backgrounds and industries based on their WHY not based on what they do.  The best connections come about when you are having fun playing and not in a stiff networking group. WPE events include a hour of play and a HH with a DJ. This group is not just about yoga. They incorporate Zumba, the Houston Trampoline Park and other activities in and around Houston. So if yoga is not your cup of tea I promise that they are playing in others ways too.

We Play Everywhere enjoying their Happy Hour and making genuine connections

We Play Everywhere members enjoying Happy Hour and making genuine connections

The future of WPE is going to be spectacular. The plan is to expand to different cities all across the US with New York as the goal for the second city. Anna sees this as the next LinkedIn or Facebook and with this expansion there will be a WPE user friendly app where all the members from all the cities can interact and find others when traveling for genuine connections. You already travel to cities to “play” so why not make a point to meet with the “We Play Everywhere” members in their city.

Anna is ready to get Yoga out of studios and into Art Galleries, on roof tops and at local stores. The WPE group is playing everywhere and they want you to join. The next event is POP UP Yoga + DJ Happy Hour at Vao on February 13 at 6:00pm – 8:3pm. Want to see what it is all about contact Anna at anna@weplayeverywhere.com

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We Play Everywhere Members!

We Play Everywhere Members!

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