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Loving Those Historic Lofts!

The Ultimate Repurposing Project

The concept isn’t new. As far back as the 1800s (and beyond), family entrepreneurs have lived above their pharmacies, grocery stores, optometry practices, bakeries, dental clinics and even automotive tire shops.

These pioneers of “loft living” probably couldn’t envision the modern twist people enjoy today. Lofts bring “yesteryear” back to life in newly refurbished splendor. The ambiance — the magic — happens when industrial sensibilities are repurposed with luxurious amenities. The nuances of exposed ductwork, high ceilings and exposed brick walls pay homage to our commercial roots… and prove that what was once old is new again!

Living History

Imagine living within the walls of Houston’s architectural past. A loft in the downtown district or historic Heights is a habitat like no other. Perhaps you fancy a restored railroad site or a vintage retail establishment? How about a grand hotel or a renovated factory? Whenever a listing opens for a nostalgic bank building loft or the former headquarters of the Salvation Army or an eight-story art deco building … well, that’s a conversation starter! From old office buildings to warehouses, these unique establishments become home to urbanites who crave something different… something authentic… something only a piece of Houston’s historic landscape can satisfy.

These sophisticated dwellings are re-envisioned and reborn with electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems makeovers to compliment masterful interior layouts. Often you can divide the wide open spaces yourself, and many urban professionals set up office and living quarters that suit them personally. And yes, many of these homes retain some original features, such as windows or beams or perhaps a wooden floor.

The Right Home at the Right Price

Luxury and comfort doesn’t have to be a budget breaker, either. I will help you locate an impressive property that’s perfect for your lifestyle and spreadsheet.

Call me to learn more about warehouse-style lofts in our vibrant city. And follow my blog to learn about another type of loft — “soft lofts” — that are newer, yet designed with the aesthetics seen in historic lofts.

Click here to see available lofts. These are exciting listings you won’t want to miss!


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