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Building? You Need a Realtor®

New Home Construction: You Deserve Your Own Representative

If you envision building your own home — and even if you are considering purchasing from a builder — you need a Realtor® to represent you. Why? The reasons are vast!

New home construction

New home construction floor plans


It’s human nature… the thrill of a new home purchase can pump up the adrenaline. It’s as much an emotional investment as it is a financial one. Unfortunately, year after year this excitement has clouded the judgement of new home buyers. Frankly, it’s next to impossible to guard yourself from what you simply don’t know.

New home construction can be complicated. First, be aware that the sales team at a model home represents the builder… not you. Because your best interests are at stake, it is wise to have your own Realtor® by your side to navigate the system and avoid the many pitfalls.

Secondly, I enjoy shattering the myth that homeowners will save money by foregoing a Realtor®. This is simply not true. Your builder pays real estate agents from a separate set-aside fund arranged for this purpose, and the savings are NOT passed on to you.

As your representative — your eyes, ears and guide — I am a resource who cares about your options and partners with you to find the ideal new home construction for the right bottom dollar, taking into account your personal needs and preferences. Read below to see why and how I can help.


New home construction

New home construction in progress

As a highly trained and experienced Realtor®, my mission is to represent your rights and interests both exterior and interior to the home. You have a tremendous amount of money, not to mention your lifestyle, riding on this major lifetime purchase. From lot dimensions to ownership rights to easements, I am there for you during the new home construction process. You also must consider the layout of your home, floor plans, color schemes and upgrades — and I can help you make the best value-worthy and long term selections.

What about the details regarding the subdivision, general neighborhood location, school and business zoning, and especially the “comps” of homes in adjacent or nearby neighborhoods? Future resale value is definitely a major consideration, and paying more than fair market value today can cost you in the long run.

Your Advocate and Voice

So be smart and be safe. I will research and work elbow-to-elbow with you as we identify the location and aesthetic of your perfect home. Whether your goal is new home construction or the purchase of an existing house, it is an honor to serve hundreds of individuals, couples and families as they establish roots in our wonderful city.

Contact me to learn more about the wisest and most fruitful steps to home ownership. I am here to serve!