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Why you need a Realtor®

An Realtor Advocate… By Your Side!


Realtor Advocate

Ronda Ross — Your Realtor advocate!

Without the advocacy of a top-notch Realtor®, home ownership can be anything but a dream come true. Perhaps school or business zoning wasn’t thoroughly researched. Perhaps nearby neighborhood “comps” weren’t considered, or market value was misrepresented. Perhaps the home, itself, did not live up to the hype caused by impulse or those “rose-colored glasses.”

Working for You… Objectively

There are many reasons to keep a Realtor® close by your side. As an experienced Realtor® who has assisted hundreds of families, I know that every transaction has its own nuances. As exciting as house hunting can be, my job is to remove the emotion and substitute sound research and intelligent decision making.

Not every deal is cut-and-dried. When creativity is required, I’m your strategist.

For instance, an experienced real estate agent has access to both up-to-the-minute and historic market data, and therefore can advise you regarding realistic purchase prices — and listing prices. We share important information, such as comparable values of nearby homes for sale. Often we have the inside scoop, including homes that haven’t yet hit the MLS. The mission is to be the Realtor advocate you deserve and educate you through a myriad of listings, options and opportunities.

On the Market

If you are selling your home, I know what works (and doesn’t work).

Realtor Advocate

You need a Realtor advocate to locate your perfect home.

If your home needs improvements to achieve top dollar, I can recommend qualified professionals including inspectors, attorneys, title companies, handymen, plumbers and even furniture movers. I also handle additional details such as your photography and videography.

Just as importantly, I identify qualified buyers and coordinate open houses and showings, then work around your schedule and “run interference” when required. My goal is to make your home selling experience as pleasant — and fruitful — as possible.

Welcome Home

If you are buying, I am your real estate concierge. I’m there to show you promising listings geared toward your lifestyle and budget. I save you time and hassle by narrowing (or weeding out) homes that don’t meet your criteria. I negotiate inspections and help you make sense of reports prior to closing. I’m at your side at closings, and can explain the stacks of documents you are required to sign.

In short, I love celebrating new homecomings. Being your eyes, ears and voice is a special honor. I take pride in a track record of helping people successfully move forward into their futures. As your Realtor advocate, allow me to do the same for you!