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Mortgage Brokers

Now that you have found your agent, let’s get you pre-approved and start looking for your dream home!

Documents Required by Mortgage Brokers for all Loans

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Brokers – personal recommendations

  • 1 month of pay stubs
  • W-2 forms and tax returns for the most recent 2 years
  • Information on other income you wish to have considered such as part time income, rental income, alimony
  • Past 2 months bank statements on checking and savings (All pages)
  • Most recent statement on all CD’s, stocks, 401K, etc. (All pages)
  • Copy of driver’s license and social security card for all borrowers
  • Non-Purchasing spouse (US Patriot’s Act)
  • All disclosures signed
  • (Other documents might be required depending on the broker that you use or your personal circumstance)


My Personal Recommendations

Philip Cloutier
America’s Choice Home Loans
NMLS# 111842
8584 Katy Fwy. Suite 200,
Houston, Texas 77024
Phone: 713.463.6779 x103
Toll Free: 877.886.5626
Fax: 832.565.9700

Jennifer Hernandez
Legacy Mutual Mortgage
NMLS# 514497
2500 CityWest Blvd., Suite 1075
Houston, TX 77042
Phone: 713.579.3600
Direct: 713.446.7791

My third recommendation is your personal bank or credit union. Some banks provide a better rate or monies at closing for their current customers.

(Disclosure at bottom)